AI Case Study

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AI Case Study

AI-Video Creation for Wargame Simulations

Explore how W’A.I helped create Primacy, an interactive wargame featuring AI-generated news broadcasts to enhance learning on global trade and geopolitics.

Web Development with AI
AI Case Study

Revolutionising Web Development with AI

Explore how W’A.I leveraged AI to revolutionise its website development, enhancing user engagement and SEO through intelligent design and content strategies. Discover the integration of AI in creating a dynamic online presence for W’A.I.

AI Case Study

Boosting Engagement for “Fumans” Children’s Book with AI

Discover how the ‘Fumans’ children’s book series utilised AI for a groundbreaking launch strategy for ‘Fumans 2’. This case study explores the creation of engaging Amazon metadata, a targeted social media campaign, and strategic PR efforts that captured hearts and headlines.

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