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AI training

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Core Concepts and Applications

W’A.I’s introductory training provides a comprehensive overview of AI, including key definitions, business use cases, capabilities, and limitations. Perfect for executives and employees new to AI.

Optimising Your AI Implementation

Take your AI use to the next level with W’A.I’s advanced training on maximising ROI. Modules cover data preparation, model selection, measuring success metrics, ethics and more.

W'A.I's strengths

Personalised training

With a perfect blend of consultancy and education, W’A.I provides unique insight to give you the tools needed to engage your audiences, build your community, and drive results across your business. W’A.I’s diverse expertise propels your strategy.

Beginner to advanced programs
Interactive virtual and in-person sessions
Customizable group or 1-on-1 training
Guides and walthroughs

Pro releases

Specialist Role-Based Training

For specific teams, W’A.I offers tailored AI training for their needs, including technical workshops for developers and data scientists and leadership sessions.

AI meets strategy

Ongoing Education

Stay current through W’A.I’s AI updates, online articles and events. Continuing education ensures you fully capitalise on emerging applications.

Stay Connected

Think Ahead

AI Think, therefore AI am

Feel the algorithm

Social Media Content

AI-optimised social content to grow your followers.

SEO & copywriting

AI-generated optimised copy that drives traffic and conversions.

Press releases

AI-crafted announcements to build PR buzz.

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