AI-Video Creation for Wargame Simulations

Explore how W'A.I helped create Primacy, an interactive wargame featuring AI-generated news broadcasts to enhance learning on global trade and geopolitics.

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Rebecca Harding for Primacy

Project: Development of an Online Wargame.

Duration: The project spanned several months, culminating in live sessions during the conferences

Deliverables: Comprehensive multimedia materials, including a website, presentation deck, and four AI-generated live news broadcast videos.




Rebecca Harding sought to create an engaging, interactive wargame through Primacy, designed to simulate geopolitical strategies and decisions at international trade conferences. The aim was to provide participants with a deep dive into the complexities of global geopolitics affecting trade, explicitly focusing on Arctic geopolitics. W’A.I was tasked with developing key digital assets to enhance participant engagement and provide a realistic simulation environment.




The primary challenge was integrating complex geopolitical content into an accessible, engaging format that would resonate with conference participants. This required transforming detailed geopolitical scenarios into compelling multimedia content that would maintain participant engagement and enhance the educational value of the simulation.




W’A.I employed a multi-faceted approach to address these challenges:

  1. Website and Presentation Deck: Developed a user-friendly website and a detailed presentation deck to guide participants through the wargame, ensuring they had easy access to session materials and a clear understanding of the game mechanics.

  2. AI-Generated News Broadcast Videos:

    • Utilised advanced AI tools to create four video segments that mimicked live news broadcasts, providing updates and new developments in the style of a news channel.
    • Each video corresponded to different game rounds, detailing scenario developments that influenced the participants’ decision-making processes.




The project successfully delivered a comprehensive set of digital assets:

  • A fully functional website tailored to the wargame’s needs.
  • A detailed presentation deck to guide the gameplay.
  • Four high-quality, AI-generated videos unfolded the game narrative in real-time.





The AI-enhanced materials significantly enhanced the wargaming experience:

  • Participant Engagement: The realistic news broadcasts deeply engaged participants, making them feel part of a live global event.
  • Educational Value: Participants gained insights into the implications of geopolitical events on global trade, enhancing their understanding through interactive learning.
  • Client Feedback: The initiative was highly praised, with specific commendations for the innovative use of AI in creating immersive educational content. The GTR Nordics ’23 keynote was noted as a highlight, successfully simulating a newsroom-style geopolitical crisis following a major Arctic event.




This project demonstrated the effective use of AI and multimedia in enhancing educational simulations at high-profile conferences. The Primacy wargame met its educational objectives and set a high standard for future simulations regarding participant engagement and content delivery—the collaboration between Rebecca Harding and W’A.I showcased a pioneering approach to integrating technology with traditional conference formats, paving the way for more innovative educational tools in the future.

A new level is now in production for 2024, intending to develop the simulation further and enhance the gameplay experience.



Tools Used: 

  • ChatGPT: For ideation and text generation.
  • HeyGen: For generating AI video characters
  • Premiere: For the production of videos
  • Photoshop: Used to create detailed assets



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AI-Video Creation for Wargame Simulations

Explore how W’A.I helped create Primacy, an interactive wargame featuring AI-generated news broadcasts to enhance learning on global trade and geopolitics.

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