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A Compelling Angle

W’A.I finds fresh, strategic angles that appeal to the media’s interests and priorities. Newsworthiness is the core focue giving your announcements the best chance of pickup.

Precise Distribution

Press releases are crafted  ith top wire services in mind ready to be pitched to targeted media contacts across the verticals most relevant to your brand. W’A.I means maximum exposure.

W'A.I's strengths

Attention-grabbing headlines

With a perfect blend of creative social talent and data-powered technology, W.A.I provides robust capabilities to engage your audiences, build your community, and drive results across all social channels. W’A.I’s diverse expertise propels your strategy.

Attention-grabbing headlines
Engaging write-ups
Multimedia content integration
Context driven content

Pro releases

Cultivating Media Relationships

In addition to one-off releases, we can with you to work to build lasting connections with press contacts that drive ongoing coverage of your business. Consistent briefings and story pitches produce compounding returns.

AI meets press releases

Proactive Rapid Response

When urgent media situations arise that require a rapid response, W’A.I excels at producing timely statements, drafts and contingency plans to protect your interests.

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Strategy​​ & Messaging

Data-driven messaging refined by AI.

Brand, design & creative

Unique visuals powered by AI technology.

Content Marketing​

Valuable thought leadership content created with AI.

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