Boosting Engagement for “Fumans” Children’s Book with AI

Discover how the 'Fumans' children's book series utilised AI for a groundbreaking launch strategy for 'Fumans 2'. This case study explores the creation of engaging Amazon metadata, a targeted social media campaign, and strategic PR efforts that captured hearts and headlines.

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Client: Fumans
Project: Launch of “Fumans 2”
Duration: 3 months, ahead of the “Fumans 2” launch
Deliverable: Comprehensive social media and PR strategy, including metadata creation for Amazon and press release distribution




“Fumans” is a charming picture-poem book series that brings inanimate objects and furniture to life through delightful rhymes and illustrations. Aimed at children aged 0-5, the series invites young readers into a whimsical world where every object has a story to tell. With the successful release of the first book on Amazon, the series looked to ChatGPT for a dynamic launch strategy for its sequel, “Fumans 2”.




The primary challenge was to capture the essence and magic of “Fumans 2” in its Amazon metadata, social media promotion, and PR efforts to ensure a wide-reaching and impactful book launch. The objectives included:

  • Creating Engaging Metadata: Developing metadata for Amazon that accurately represents the book’s unique narrative style and appeals to the target demographic.
  • Social Media Strategy: Develop a social media campaign to engage potential readers and generate buzz around the book’s launch.
  • PR Strategy: Identifying relevant media outlets and crafting a press release to secure coverage and enhance visibility.




Leveraging the capabilities of ChatGPT, the following strategic approach was employed:

  • Metadata Development: ChatGPT was utilised to craft compelling metadata for “Fumans 2” on Amazon, focusing on keywords that resonate with the target audience and highlight the book’s unique attributes.
  • Social Media Planning: ChatGPT helped outline a detailed social media strategy, identifying key platforms, optimal posting times, and content themes that align with the interests of parents and educators of young children.
  • Target Media Mapping and Press Release: AI technology was used to map out relevant media publications for the book’s target demographic. ChatGPT then assisted in drafting an engaging press release, distributed to a curated list of media outlets, including The Chronicle.




The AI-driven approach provided a nuanced understanding of the book’s audience, enabling targeted and effective marketing strategies. The metadata created for Amazon effectively captured the attention of potential buyers, leading to increased visibility and interest in “Fumans 2”.




Kris Makuch Fumans Chronicle

The campaign achieved significant milestones:

  • Local Press Coverage: Garnered attention from The Chronicle, securing a feature that spotlighted the Sunderland children’s author’s latest release, “Fumans 2”. Read the article here.
  • Social Media Engagement: The planned social media campaign led to a noticeable increase in engagement across Facebook and Instagram and anticipation among the book’s target audience.
  • Enhanced Online Presence: The strategic use of metadata and targeted PR efforts improved “Fumans 2’s” online visibility, driving both pre-launch interest and post-launch sales.
  • Amazon Bestseller: After launch, Fumans 2 reached number six in the Amazon Best Seller chart, selling over 50 copies in the first two days after launch,




The collaboration on the launch of “Fumans 2” demonstrated AI’s powerful role in enhancing marketing strategies for literary works. Through ChatGPT’s insights into metadata creation, social media, and PR strategy formulation, the “Fumans” series enjoyed a successful second book launch. 



Tools Used: ChatGPT


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