AI-Enhanced Social Media Graphic for Autonomous Vehicle Christmas Campaign

Explore how W'A.I creatively utilised AI tools and Photoshop to craft a festive social media graphic showcasing Santa using an autonomous vehicle for Christmas deliveries, enhancing brand visibility and engagement.

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James Donald

Project: Creation of a Social Media Graphic Featuring an Autonomous Vehicle Used by Santa for Deliveries

Duration:Over a weekend in December 2023

Deliverable:A custom graphic for social media use, showcasing Santa Claus using an autonomous vehicle to deliver Christmas presents.



James Donald approached W’A.I with a unique request from his client in the autonomous vehicles sector. They wanted to capitalise on the holiday spirit by creating a social media graphic that depicted Santa Claus using one of their vehicles for his Christmas deliveries.



The main challenge was to integrate the client’s specific autonomous vehicle into a festive, engaging scene that would capture the magic of Christmas and its innovative use. The task required a seamless blend of creativity and technical skill to ensure the final image was appealing and aligned with the client’s brand.




Leveraging a combination of AI tools and manual editing processes, the social media-ready graphic was developed:

AI-Driven Ideation and Creation:

  • ChatGPT: Used for generating initial creative concepts and descriptions for the scene.
  • Dall-E and Firefly: Employed to create elements such as elves and a festive background that matched the vehicle’s dimensions and style.

Manual Editing and Integration:

  • Photoshop: Used to seamlessly integrate the autonomous vehicle into the AI-generated festive scene, adjust the scale of Santa, and enhance the overall visual coherence of the final image.



The project resulted in a vibrant and engaging image that featured Santa Claus loading a sleek, modern autonomous vehicle with gifts. This image was tailored to be used across various social media platforms to boost the holiday campaign.

Final image:




The image was exceptionally well-received:

  • Client Satisfaction: The client was overjoyed with the innovative portrayal of their vehicle, which not only highlighted the vehicle’s utility but also its futuristic appeal.
  • Engagement: The graphic generated considerable attention on social media, enhancing brand visibility and engagement during the crucial holiday season.




This project illustrated the effective use of AI in crafting bespoke marketing materials that blend traditional holiday themes with modern technology. By utilising AI for creative generation and detailed editing tools for final adjustments, W’A.I demonstrated the potential of AI to transform marketing strategies and deliver tailor-made, impactful visual content.



Tools Used: 

  • ChatGPT: For ideation and text generation.
  • Dall-E: For generating imaginative, on-theme elements.
  • Firefly: Used to create detailed, realistic backgrounds.
  • Photoshop: For final image editing and composition.

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