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Join as NATO decision-makers in a high-stakes game of geopolitical strategy.

Your mission: balance power dynamics and mitigate risks to maintain NATO’s global leadership.

Utilise a range of interactive tools, including a dynamic Primacy Screen and real-time voting, to navigate pressing scenarios. Collaborate at your table to exercise defence and security, diplomatic, or economic levers and vote on pivotal decisions.

Aim to prevent conflict and environmental crises in a tight 60-minute window.

Success is measured by strategic choices steering us away from global threats.



Briefing: An urgent NATO summit focuses on Arctic defence strategy amidst geopolitical shifts. As new NATO members join, consensus is key.

Your Role: Act as a NATO ally. Collaborate at your table to form unified decisions on strategic moves.

Consensus Voting: Debate with tablemates and aim for majority agreement on each issue. If deadlocked, submit a “no consensus” vote.

Objective: Unite on strategies to address evolving global threats. Consider immediate and long-term impacts across economic, defence, and diplomatic realms.



Analyse SitReps and newsflashes.

Discuss prompted questions, aided by screen displays and QR-linked resources.

Deliberate for 12 minutes per scenario.

Vote on three strategic responses per scenario.

Outcome: Strategies are evaluated after 60 minutes for their effectiveness in consensus-building and threat management.

Access detailed and privileged information by using your device to scan your QR code.

Vote on each economic lever using your voting slips which will be collected at the end of the round.


Background reading briefing notes



Round one


Russian sea borders

Finland, Norway and Belt and Road (2017),comes%20from%20the%20Arctic%20region.,its%20neighbor%20to%20the%20north.



Round two


Use of Russian assets by US:


Use of Russian assets by EU:



Round three


Who should drill in the Arctic:


Canada’s Arctic Offshore oil and gas moratorium:–a-pioneering-reform-and-its-potential-to-transform-global-trade-and-finance#:~:text=Countries%20like%20the%20UK%2C%20Singapore,at%20advanced%20stages%20of%20adoption.,a%20form%20of%20security%3B%20and–a-pioneering-reform-and-its-potential-to-transform-global-trade-and-finance#:~:text=Countries%20like%20the%20UK%2C%20Singapore,at%20advanced%20stages%20of%20adoption.



Round four


National security consequences of CBDCs:,SAFE)%20(Figure%2010).&text=Source%3A%20Bruegel%20based%20on%20People’s,of%20China%2C%20SAFE%2C%20CEIC.


China-Taiwan relations:

Good Luck!


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