5 Innovative AI Marketing Strategies for UK SMEs in 2023

Explore 5 innovative ways UK SMEs can leverage AI marketing technology including content creation, targeted ads and automated PPC management.

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Introduction to AI Marketing for UK Small Businesses

For UK SMEs, implementing new technology can be daunting, especially on limited budgets. Yet the transformative power of AI marketing is too great to ignore. As artificial intelligence continues disrupting how large enterprises advertise, UK small businesses must also seize its potential to compete and grow. The key is identifying strategies where applied AI can have an outsized impact without overhauling entire workflows overnight.

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1. Leverage Generative AI Content to Drive Growth

One proven AI marketing strategy for UK SMEs is utilising generative AI platforms to rapidly create high-quality, optimised content. Tools like Anthropic and Jasper enable small teams to produce blogs, social posts, and ads at scale. With the proper human guidance, AI content matches or even exceeds manual quality while requiring a fraction of time and resources. Whether tackling next month’s content calendar or a last-minute social post, generative AI augments UK SME productivity.

Brands like UK fitness startup GutStrong increased traffic by 86% by leveraging AI-generated content.


Optimise Ideation and Drafting

UK SMEs can provide prompts on topics, audiences, and goals, and generative AI will synthesise key themes and perspectives into optimised content ready for refinement. This kickstarts the ideation process. AI can also rapidly produce multiple complete drafts for consideration. Offloading ideation and drafting accelerate content creation for resource-constrained UK small businesses immensely.


2. Refine and Personalise Effortlessly

While AI generates the raw copy, savvy UK SMEs will still have human marketers refine and customise it for their brand voice. The key is establishing processes to efficiently review and tweak AI drafts, not starting from scratch. With AI doing the heavy lifting, efforts can shift to personalisation and optimisation. Anthropic’s Claude platform even allows inline editing of drafts, streamlining revisions.

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3. Microtarget Social Media Advertising

Another innovative AI marketing strategy gaining traction lets UK SMEs use AI to microtarget social media ads to niche audiences. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram provide extensive demographic, interest, and behavioural targeting options. But optimally combining those filters to identify high-intent segments of possibly only hundreds of social users in a local area was previously impractical without large teams.


AI Drives Hyper-Personalisation

AI tools can now ingest all available first, second, and third-party audience data to uncover microtargeting goldmines. The AI constantly revises targeting combinations based on performance data to refine segments over time.

Digital agency fullFAT used this approach to decrease cost per acquisition 69% for UK gaming site Playslots.


4. Creative Iteration Courts Success

On top of audience targeting, AI generates and tests countless creative variations of images, videos, and copy to identify high-converting versions.

UK digital retailer Trouva saw a 36% conversion lift through AI-driven testing of social ad creative compared to human design. The combination of hyper-personalised targeting and automated messaging optimisation makes social AI marketing highly potent for UK SMEs.


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5. Automate PPC Management

Pay-per-click advertising is foundational to many UK SME digital strategies, given its precision targeting and measurability. Yet effective ongoing management of these campaigns has traditionally demanded extensive human analysis. AI automation can liberate UK small businesses from constant manual PPC optimization.


AI Platforms Interpret Signals

AI PPC software like Persado continually interprets signals across ads, keywords, and landing pages to improve performance. The machine learning algorithms dynamically adjust bids, budgets, placements and copy to hit targets like cost per click or conversion rate. Persado customers have achieved 2-3X industry benchmark results.


Maintains Excellence at Scale

For UK SMEs, the benefit is maintaining PPC excellence as campaigns grow without proportional growth in workload. Humans handle strategy, while AI handles constant daily optimisation at scale. UK retailer

Feel Unique achieved an 8-10% revenue bump across Google and Facebook with Persado. The platform also frees up employee bandwidth.



Conclusion on AI Applications for UK SME Marketing

The current age of artificial intelligence provides boundless opportunities for ambitious UK SMEs to gain an edge over rivals. Small businesses can extend the impact of limited resources by complementing existing marketing strategies with targeted AI applications – whether content creation, hyper-personalized ads, or automated PPC. The key is letting human creativity and strategy direct AI’s analytical abilities rather than entirely replacing marketers. Wise deployment of artificial intelligence will soon become table stakes for UK small business competitiveness. Early adopters will have a decisive advantage.

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